An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention

 ‘Dr Steve Maboli’

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I offer a bespoke service, as a movement and pain specialist incorporating

holistic health and hands on manual therapy integration.

The key is in the details, our bodies  compensate for a purpose,

my goal is to give you back the environment it needs to heal.

The smaller things are often overlooked and undervalued but can play a huge role,

Using my depth of expertise and clinical knowledge I will


Your body holds the answers 

Its time to FIND  them


Real results come from working together and that’s the whole premise behind Finding Function


Regain Your Body.

Back Massage

Reduce Pain

Specialising in joint, muscle and nerve pain, solving your issues and giving the treatment needed to help resolve your issues

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Hear What Others Have to Say

Shyam Krishna

Brent, a big thank you for getting me back to 100% even after my long list of injuries.
Your knowledge in muscle function and movement is second to none in my opinion! 
Cannot forget the FMS test! This test rectified my muscle imbalances and improved my functional movement. This added another 10 kmph on my first serves! A happy boy on court now!”

Suze Oh

I’d had the pain for years and it wasn’t until I saw Brent that he figured it out. It was a complex and chronic issue but he has a toolbox jam packed with ways to assess an issue, identify the root cause (not just where it hurts) and fix the pain and injury. Plus he got me running again which I am incredibly thankful for – I’m not that great at it but it is so good for my mental well-being. I can’t thank Brent enough for working his magic so I could keep doing the things I love to do. I would highly recommend him as he’s incredibly good at what he does.

Luka Bosnjak

Thanks to Brent, I have been transformed from a Giraffe to a Gazelle. No, but in all seriousness, I truly believe that the work I did with Brent has helped me move more efficiently and correctly. The knowledge and skills he has, has helped prevent me from injuries and now he is more than just a coach he is a friend.



Community is one of the biggest influences in our health, it gives us connection, purpose and support

Watch this space for upcoming community events and projects

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