• Brent Gilpin

Today in clinic I took things back to basics to help my patient guide change in movement.

Often when trying to change movement effort is used too much to force something to move, this can often create more resistance and protection if the nervous system is not ready to receive this information (protective mechanisms).

In order to change rotation (twisting the whole body to one side) the movement was being driven by the pelvis and getting stuck, this wasn't allowing a smooth interaction of the ribcage to the pelvis.

This can be connected from motion through the foot, leg, pelvis ribcage or even the skull, we found some benefits changing input from the foot, however when we lead the movement from the top down that's where the magic happened.

Full movement, no pain no resistance.

To take this a little deeper we looked into why the top may have been so influential, we found some old visual issues from head injury.

To take it up a notch the movement was lead via eyes, looking to the side allowing the head to follow, to the ribcage, to the pelvis, to the leg and to the foot.

The fun was in the investigation, but this was found through feeling, paying attention to what moves and where spaces are filled and created. Add a little history as to why protection is there and boom - an opportunity for significant change.

Best part is homework was simple - replicate the top down rotation movement, gentle feeling the interactions and allowing the body to progress safely.

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  • Brent Gilpin

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Overcoming my own injuries and back surgery lead me seeking answers when conventional physiotherapy didn't work for me.

I became the guy patients came to when traditional methods didn't work, or when other phyios had dismissed them.

It lead me down the path to ask more questions and find more and more avenues in which I could resolve my own issues and give back to others.

I have always loved a challenge, I found patients who weren’t getting better and had been trying seemed to attract to my methods.

After following all the advice doing all the exercises and left with blank faces and frustration. For myself it wasn’t good enough there must be something and sure enough there was no clear answer

That’s the beauty of human nature we can adapt and change we just need to find what works for each individual.

Always craving more knowledge I became a movement and information junkie and have taken part in numerous courses to find the why,.

I am still on that journey to this day.

I developed my skills into a structured system to allow people multiple viewpoints to blend together and allow patients bodies to heal.

At finding function the time is taken to really find out who YOU are.

YOUR history why you move the way you do. What habits you’ve created what we need to influence to change.

The 23 hours in the day you don’t work with your therapist.

This is what made me begin the journey on my own - I needed the freedom to give people what they needed without the boundaries from traditional viewpoints.

And here we are - Finding Function

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