Although the service options and treatment options are vast, intent and understanding with treatment is key.


My purpose with any intervention is to use it as a tool to guide you and your body to understand how to change and allow it to heal itself, therefore no treatment alone has the answers.


Your body does 

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To Conquer oneself is a greater victory than to conquer thousands in a battle

'Dalai Lama'

Movement Intergration

I base alot of my movement philosophy from the work of Gary Wards Anatomy in motion

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Teaching your body how to move and interact 

Yoga Practice

Functional movement systems

Functional movement systems utilise the FMS (functional movement screen)

SFMA (selective functional movement assessment)

to give objective marking criteria to pin point and identify tissue / joint or motor control issues in order to precisely intervene with treatment strategies

This objective assessment can be remeasured and tested to ensure the changes are true and not just subjective bias.


Structural Intergration

Hands on treatment involving body work / massage to influence lines of movement and fascia

This hands on method uses the 12 myofascial meridians to influence resting tension and shapes the body develops from habits and injury to move more efficiently and influence posture.

based on philosophies of Anatomy trains


Manual Visceral and lymphatic manipulation / massage

Our organs and lymphatic system influence the fluid dynamics in the body, of such can have huge impact onto how the musculoskeletal system works and the transport of inflammation.

From a variety of methods including cranio-sacral and osteopathic techniques i have developed my blend of treatment to influence thee systems from a hands on standpoint.

Reiki Treatment

Dry needling

Dry needling using the same needle as accupuncture but from a different framework and school of thought.

dry needling is designed to ease muscular pain by stimulating 'trigger points' in muscle or tissue.



With a background in high performance sport, gym development / clinic management

I began consultancy services to assist body workers / trainers and instructors to help with complex clients.

This service is tailored to your needs to support you to get the bet outcomes for your clients or gym / studio.

Giving a Lecture

Strength and conditioning

Utilising frameworks of strength training and conditioning programming in order to help functional capacity and performance requirements

Strength training is not just for athletes, research has promoted it for EVERYONE (see blog post)

Whatever your training needs and goals my programmes are structured and will allow you to achieve your goals


ANF Therapy

ANF is a non invasive treatment that can quickly address the root cause of pain through application of specific discs, without the use of drugs, typically within 5-20 minutes.

The discs do not release any ubstance that can harm the body and is WADA compliant.

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